Long Story Short

The travellers went up the mountain, where they were met by a Forest Avian and a Centaur, in that order. The two gave grim news of what was happening at the city they’d fled; half the people had gone mad, telling them to convert to Nakar, the goddess of Frost, or die. The travellers were shaken, but continued onward, fighting mountain goblins all the way up the mountain. They were stolen from during the second night, and followed the mountain goblin in hot pursuit as he headed apparently to his home. The mountain goblin seemed scared, and mentioned a “big, strong” thing he called a “Valthok”. They continued to escort the Mountain Dwarves to their outpost, before regrouping and heading in the way the mountain goblin had indicated before he died, taking the one who had assigned them the task of finding the cause for the raids with them.

Soon, they came to a point where they could venture no further. There, the narrow, rocky path led up to three caves: The group decided to explore the third. The dwarf Hazu and female centaur each had problems climbing the last part of the slope, but with some help, made it up successfully. They started inside the cave, before something lunged out at them from the darkness. It was a dragon, orange and at least the size of two great horses! “Ak hulan mir en hai ku’lek, ish mir an-hal im alkan imai!” It demanded, and the avian and mountain dwarf were able to give a rough translation. “What are ye, traveller, and why d’ye come to my domain?” They could see wisps of smoke coming from its nostrils. The group struggled to come up with reasons, but the dragon didn’t seem satisfied. They explained that they were wondering why the mountain goblins were attacking, that one had indicated the way here. At this, the dragon flew into a rage, declaring the adventurers in league with the goblins! It swung its tail at the centaur, who jumped over it. Quickly, the barbarian whipped out the goblin heads he’d been keeping as trophies, presenting them before it. The dragon finally relented, explaining that it didn’t like the presence of goblins in its domain.

The group offered to help the dragon get rid of the goblins, and it gave a cough, declaring itself female, and that she would allow them to take care of the goblins with her. They made their way to the goblin village at this point, and made quick work of the goblins. The dragon smoked the goblins out with her poison gas, while the adventurers attacked them after. Eventually, the dragon settled down to watching the adventurers work, laughing at the goblin who was trying to kill her, but failing to even pierce her scales.

After the battle, she gathered what she wanted of the treasure, offering the rest to be distributed among the adventurers who helped her. As she flew back to her cave to dispose of the treasure, the adventurers debated taking her with them to the city to help. Enough had decided this a good idea that when they returned, they claimed that there were more evil deeds being done at the base of the mountain, that she could do something about. She hesitantly agreed to follow them, abandoning her treasure for the moment, but unafraid of thieves, since the goblins had left.

They went down the mountains, were confronted by guards who halted them, hailed Nakar, and then let them go about their business outside the city, not allowing them to pass inside for the time being. Which was all right with the adventurers; they heard howling coming from the North side of the city anyway.

When they got to the North end of the city, they halted. Before them was a massive wolf, rather familiar-looking, actually, and several other wolves engaged in combat with some shadowy figures and dark fairies, as well as a Chetahl and a human here and there. Each walked up to the big wolf in turn, who spoke to them through their minds, asking if they would support Norfin. Each answered in the affirmative, to which the wolf’s response was, “Well, get in there, then!” They all started fighting with the wolves against the dark fairies, and started making a real dent in a fight that seemed to be at a stalemate. One of the shadowy figures cast a spell, turning several wolves to stone, at which the giant wolf teleported behind it, taking it out in a single bite. As for the howling, whenever the giant wolf howled, those among the party who aligned themselves with the cause felt more powerful and brave.

The last of the enemy to vanish was the Chetahl, who after the centaur ran into him three times, disappeared into thin air, equipment and all. The party rejoiced, and while the wolves moved on as soon as the stone ones had turned back to normal, the party merely found a house to rest in for the night, the centaur and dragon staying outside. The dragon had not participated in the fight, seeing no benefit for her in engaging in someone else’s conflict.

That morning, Vashner the rogue and the dwarf went back to the inn, where Vashner found several gems on his bed. They had a brief exchange with the inn-keeper, and gathered that everyone was scared, and many had been kidnapped. Upon return, the dragon and centaur told tales of a man who wandered by, interrogated them briefly, before the dragon scared him off. The dragon then said if there was nothing else to do here, she’d return to her treasure. Vashner thought quick and offered her their findings from saving the town. She considered this, eventually accepting. The party headed East, towards the mountains, and the dragon headed South, looking for a temple, a fight, or captives.

The dragon flew, and quickly found the captives, as well as a man and several wolves fighting off more shadowy and pale, ghostly figures. She joined in the fight, while the group continued. The group fought off a few guards, patrolling the streets, and discovered that these were not all they appear; for normal weapons did nothing against them, and upon dying, their skin turned pale blue and their hair white.

They changed direction, heading Southward, finding a frightened midfolk before the dwarf possessed a raven to enter the stone temple of Norfin. It flew inside, and found only corpses. The party went inside warily, stepping around corpses of figures in blue robes; they didn’t have to open many doors; indeed, after they opened the first door and entered a room, the door on the other side opened, a female head popping out of it, before the party started to question her. She evaded some questions, asking a few of her own. What were they doing here, chief among them. She claimed that some of the fallen were her friends, and some were her enemies. She was wearing blue robes, like all of them. When she started to walk away, the party pursued her. She backed up into a door. They asked if she was a priest. Upon answering no, the barbarian attacked her. She moved first, however, and threw herself through a doorway, where allies would back her up. A few spellcasters tried to attack, but ultimately didn’t do much, until one waved a staff, and fell still, along with the barbarian. Two seconds later, the barbarian dropped his axe, walked slowly to a corner, and began to shiver, curling up into a ball, and rocking back and forth.

The dwarf picked up the axe, raging, and began cutting swathes through the “priests”. The rogue picked up a shortbow he’d stolen from one of the guards, and shot at them, dealing little damage until he pierced one through the eye, to the brain, killing him. Meanwhile the dwarf’s bear and the avian tried to restrain the so-called priests, keeping them from casting spells. The party had already taken a major loss in the sanity of their barbarian, but only about half a minute elapsed before the priests were fallen. Now the decision came as to what to do about the temple. With their barbarian feeling inconsolably depressed, they really weren’t sure if they should leave him to continue fighting or give up until he felt better.



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