Time Spent in Ajolnir

With the dawn of a new day, the party set out to hunt down some more animals for hide to provide the leatherworker for payment for making the leather suits. After half a day of walking, they were nearly ambushed by two more dire wolves. This battle was much closer, as their Wilder wasn’t with them to help them out. However, they did prevail, though the barbarian and dwarf sustained significant wounds. Hazu expertly skinned the pair, each party member taking what they could from the wolves and returning back to the city, where they picked up their already made suit and dropped off one of the hides for payment. In addition, the gnome accompanied the barbarian and dwarf, and the leatherworker was asked to make him a suit, as well. He deferred the job to his midfolk slave.

Meanwhile, the bandit was off looking for the shoe-maker who would give him further information. After fighting off sleep, he noticed a landmark described in his note: the arena. He made note of where it was, and went back to the inn and a scratchy bed, but a bed nonetheless. The next day, he stopped by a tradepost he’d seen near the arena, asking where he may convert some finely tanned leather into shoes nearby. Upon following the directions given, the rogue soon found the place he was looking for, as evidenced by the gleam in the shopkeeper’s eye when the key words were spoken. Vashner was handed a map and a list of names and occupations, and soon set out to work intimidating people into submission.

First, he would go to a tradepost near the North of town. There, he tried intimidating the shopkeeper, but found the man ready for a fight as soon as he realised who the rogue was representing. However, with two deft swings of his metal rod, Vashner subdued the shopkeeper, proceeding to break the man’s legs. He then broke what he could and stealing all coin from the shop.

Next, he would go to the training grounds, only to find his barbaric companion there, sparring with some warriors-in-training. Vashner stayed away from the grounds themselves, instead pursuing a couple of nearby buildings marked on his map. All were houses, and all were empty, save one. At his knock, a young girl answered the door. He asked her to relay a message to her parents for him, and proceeded to threaten her and her family with blood. She closed the door in his face, running off to cry in fear. That night, he burned down the training-house he dared not burn down in daylight under scrutiny of his barbaric companion.

Meanwhile, the gnome was out consulting mages about spells to help him see in darkness. One completely misconstrued what he was trying to say, and offered him a demonstration of the invocation Darkness the following day. The gnome accepted, continuing on to another mage’s tower nearby. There, he bargained and lied to the mage to get the information he sought, and traded the location of the temple for the spell Produce Light.

At the inn, the dwarf was bored. He started talking to all sorts of folks, one a somewhat barbaric dwarf, who, after many drinks, divulged that he and his party were having trouble on the road, moreso lately than usual. The trouble was with mountain goblins. Hazu sneered and made stabs at the dwarf, but he grunted and shook it off, trying to explain, but in his less-than-sober state, didn’t seem to get the message clearly across. He was a mild-natured drunk, at least, or he would have probably started a brawl for the outright insults Hazu was hurling at him. In the end, after the party came back, they decided to accept this quest to discover the root of the problem with the mountain goblins; why they were attacking twice per journey as opposed to once every third journey, and why after they’d been defeated and killed, more came to take their place. The dwarf’s company would set out the day after tomorrow, giving the party time to prepare, if they so desired.



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