New Beginnings

The party found the midfolk they’d encountered before, and commanded the slave to guard over their depressed companion while they looked for help. The midfolk agreed nervously, and set about his duties, picking up a butcher’s knife and protecting the barbarian from himself and enemies, should they be disturbed. Meanwhile, the rest of the party entered back into the temple, continuing onward. They found two great wolves fighting in a corridor, and after the fight was over, one of them approached the dwarf, communicating to his mind. After a brief exchange, the wolf realised the plight of their brave friend, who had served Norfin’s cause dutifully, and agreed to follow them to their barbaric friend to help him out in whatever way he could.

Long Story Short

The travellers went up the mountain, where they were met by a Forest Avian and a Centaur, in that order. The two gave grim news of what was happening at the city they’d fled; half the people had gone mad, telling them to convert to Nakar, the goddess of Frost, or die. The travellers were shaken, but continued onward, fighting mountain goblins all the way up the mountain. They were stolen from during the second night, and followed the mountain goblin in hot pursuit as he headed apparently to his home. The mountain goblin seemed scared, and mentioned a “big, strong” thing he called a “Valthok”. They continued to escort the Mountain Dwarves to their outpost, before regrouping and heading in the way the mountain goblin had indicated before he died, taking the one who had assigned them the task of finding the cause for the raids with them.

Soon, they came to a point where they could venture no further. There, the narrow, rocky path led up to three caves: The group decided to explore the third. The dwarf Hazu and female centaur each had problems climbing the last part of the slope, but with some help, made it up successfully. They started inside the cave, before something lunged out at them from the darkness. It was a dragon, orange and at least the size of two great horses! “Ak hulan mir en hai ku’lek, ish mir an-hal im alkan imai!” It demanded, and the avian and mountain dwarf were able to give a rough translation. “What are ye, traveller, and why d’ye come to my domain?” They could see wisps of smoke coming from its nostrils. The group struggled to come up with reasons, but the dragon didn’t seem satisfied. They explained that they were wondering why the mountain goblins were attacking, that one had indicated the way here. At this, the dragon flew into a rage, declaring the adventurers in league with the goblins! It swung its tail at the centaur, who jumped over it. Quickly, the barbarian whipped out the goblin heads he’d been keeping as trophies, presenting them before it. The dragon finally relented, explaining that it didn’t like the presence of goblins in its domain.

The group offered to help the dragon get rid of the goblins, and it gave a cough, declaring itself female, and that she would allow them to take care of the goblins with her. They made their way to the goblin village at this point, and made quick work of the goblins. The dragon smoked the goblins out with her poison gas, while the adventurers attacked them after. Eventually, the dragon settled down to watching the adventurers work, laughing at the goblin who was trying to kill her, but failing to even pierce her scales.

After the battle, she gathered what she wanted of the treasure, offering the rest to be distributed among the adventurers who helped her. As she flew back to her cave to dispose of the treasure, the adventurers debated taking her with them to the city to help. Enough had decided this a good idea that when they returned, they claimed that there were more evil deeds being done at the base of the mountain, that she could do something about. She hesitantly agreed to follow them, abandoning her treasure for the moment, but unafraid of thieves, since the goblins had left.

They went down the mountains, were confronted by guards who halted them, hailed Nakar, and then let them go about their business outside the city, not allowing them to pass inside for the time being. Which was all right with the adventurers; they heard howling coming from the North side of the city anyway.

When they got to the North end of the city, they halted. Before them was a massive wolf, rather familiar-looking, actually, and several other wolves engaged in combat with some shadowy figures and dark fairies, as well as a Chetahl and a human here and there. Each walked up to the big wolf in turn, who spoke to them through their minds, asking if they would support Norfin. Each answered in the affirmative, to which the wolf’s response was, “Well, get in there, then!” They all started fighting with the wolves against the dark fairies, and started making a real dent in a fight that seemed to be at a stalemate. One of the shadowy figures cast a spell, turning several wolves to stone, at which the giant wolf teleported behind it, taking it out in a single bite. As for the howling, whenever the giant wolf howled, those among the party who aligned themselves with the cause felt more powerful and brave.

The last of the enemy to vanish was the Chetahl, who after the centaur ran into him three times, disappeared into thin air, equipment and all. The party rejoiced, and while the wolves moved on as soon as the stone ones had turned back to normal, the party merely found a house to rest in for the night, the centaur and dragon staying outside. The dragon had not participated in the fight, seeing no benefit for her in engaging in someone else’s conflict.

That morning, Vashner the rogue and the dwarf went back to the inn, where Vashner found several gems on his bed. They had a brief exchange with the inn-keeper, and gathered that everyone was scared, and many had been kidnapped. Upon return, the dragon and centaur told tales of a man who wandered by, interrogated them briefly, before the dragon scared him off. The dragon then said if there was nothing else to do here, she’d return to her treasure. Vashner thought quick and offered her their findings from saving the town. She considered this, eventually accepting. The party headed East, towards the mountains, and the dragon headed South, looking for a temple, a fight, or captives.

The dragon flew, and quickly found the captives, as well as a man and several wolves fighting off more shadowy and pale, ghostly figures. She joined in the fight, while the group continued. The group fought off a few guards, patrolling the streets, and discovered that these were not all they appear; for normal weapons did nothing against them, and upon dying, their skin turned pale blue and their hair white.

They changed direction, heading Southward, finding a frightened midfolk before the dwarf possessed a raven to enter the stone temple of Norfin. It flew inside, and found only corpses. The party went inside warily, stepping around corpses of figures in blue robes; they didn’t have to open many doors; indeed, after they opened the first door and entered a room, the door on the other side opened, a female head popping out of it, before the party started to question her. She evaded some questions, asking a few of her own. What were they doing here, chief among them. She claimed that some of the fallen were her friends, and some were her enemies. She was wearing blue robes, like all of them. When she started to walk away, the party pursued her. She backed up into a door. They asked if she was a priest. Upon answering no, the barbarian attacked her. She moved first, however, and threw herself through a doorway, where allies would back her up. A few spellcasters tried to attack, but ultimately didn’t do much, until one waved a staff, and fell still, along with the barbarian. Two seconds later, the barbarian dropped his axe, walked slowly to a corner, and began to shiver, curling up into a ball, and rocking back and forth.

The dwarf picked up the axe, raging, and began cutting swathes through the “priests”. The rogue picked up a shortbow he’d stolen from one of the guards, and shot at them, dealing little damage until he pierced one through the eye, to the brain, killing him. Meanwhile the dwarf’s bear and the avian tried to restrain the so-called priests, keeping them from casting spells. The party had already taken a major loss in the sanity of their barbarian, but only about half a minute elapsed before the priests were fallen. Now the decision came as to what to do about the temple. With their barbarian feeling inconsolably depressed, they really weren’t sure if they should leave him to continue fighting or give up until he felt better.

Time Spent in Ajolnir

With the dawn of a new day, the party set out to hunt down some more animals for hide to provide the leatherworker for payment for making the leather suits. After half a day of walking, they were nearly ambushed by two more dire wolves. This battle was much closer, as their Wilder wasn’t with them to help them out. However, they did prevail, though the barbarian and dwarf sustained significant wounds. Hazu expertly skinned the pair, each party member taking what they could from the wolves and returning back to the city, where they picked up their already made suit and dropped off one of the hides for payment. In addition, the gnome accompanied the barbarian and dwarf, and the leatherworker was asked to make him a suit, as well. He deferred the job to his midfolk slave.

Meanwhile, the bandit was off looking for the shoe-maker who would give him further information. After fighting off sleep, he noticed a landmark described in his note: the arena. He made note of where it was, and went back to the inn and a scratchy bed, but a bed nonetheless. The next day, he stopped by a tradepost he’d seen near the arena, asking where he may convert some finely tanned leather into shoes nearby. Upon following the directions given, the rogue soon found the place he was looking for, as evidenced by the gleam in the shopkeeper’s eye when the key words were spoken. Vashner was handed a map and a list of names and occupations, and soon set out to work intimidating people into submission.

First, he would go to a tradepost near the North of town. There, he tried intimidating the shopkeeper, but found the man ready for a fight as soon as he realised who the rogue was representing. However, with two deft swings of his metal rod, Vashner subdued the shopkeeper, proceeding to break the man’s legs. He then broke what he could and stealing all coin from the shop.

Next, he would go to the training grounds, only to find his barbaric companion there, sparring with some warriors-in-training. Vashner stayed away from the grounds themselves, instead pursuing a couple of nearby buildings marked on his map. All were houses, and all were empty, save one. At his knock, a young girl answered the door. He asked her to relay a message to her parents for him, and proceeded to threaten her and her family with blood. She closed the door in his face, running off to cry in fear. That night, he burned down the training-house he dared not burn down in daylight under scrutiny of his barbaric companion.

Meanwhile, the gnome was out consulting mages about spells to help him see in darkness. One completely misconstrued what he was trying to say, and offered him a demonstration of the invocation Darkness the following day. The gnome accepted, continuing on to another mage’s tower nearby. There, he bargained and lied to the mage to get the information he sought, and traded the location of the temple for the spell Produce Light.

At the inn, the dwarf was bored. He started talking to all sorts of folks, one a somewhat barbaric dwarf, who, after many drinks, divulged that he and his party were having trouble on the road, moreso lately than usual. The trouble was with mountain goblins. Hazu sneered and made stabs at the dwarf, but he grunted and shook it off, trying to explain, but in his less-than-sober state, didn’t seem to get the message clearly across. He was a mild-natured drunk, at least, or he would have probably started a brawl for the outright insults Hazu was hurling at him. In the end, after the party came back, they decided to accept this quest to discover the root of the problem with the mountain goblins; why they were attacking twice per journey as opposed to once every third journey, and why after they’d been defeated and killed, more came to take their place. The dwarf’s company would set out the day after tomorrow, giving the party time to prepare, if they so desired.

Finding a Purpose

The group woke in the morning to find their Ranger had left with his moose during the night. He was kind of strange in any case, so they didn’t really mind. They decided to continue on the path back to the village. They passed by their former campsite, and found nothing new, other than the giant wolf pawprints that had been there from the incident before. After this, however, they saw a herd of moose passing across their path. The party wisely decided to stay away from them until they could pass. The most that happened is a moose turned to them and snorted, continuing on its way. The herd was small, only seven in number, so it wasn’t long before they could continue.

They made camp for the night, and the night passed uneventfully. Early afternoon was when they got back to the village. Immediately they went to the town elder, the father of Shilah, the Wilder. He expressed gratitude for the service they performed and seemed disturbed at the news of the Pod Changelings, though a bit doubtful of its real threat. If it hadn’t come from the lips of his own daughter, he would not have believed it. They then decided to camp at the town’s inn. They found two strangers in there, one a gambler with a strange accent, the other a trader from the Capital. Shilah briefly conversed with both, looking for news of anything strange. She lost a gold in the exchange with the gambler in place of receiving information, and learned from the other man that the Lord of the land had a betrayer among his council, and according to rumor was acting strangely. The Avian decided to fly home, leaving the Helm of Vigilance with the dwarf, claiming he needed it more. He’d had enough of adventure for the time being.

They investigated other leads, and went to the Temple of Norfin, the wolf god, to get information about the giant wolf they had seen. “Surely this was a sign from Norfin,” the high priestess said. “And you are fortunate to be alive. These adventurers you saw must have been either greatly confused or evil, to oppose a clear sign from Norfin. The girl this sign hunted was obviously evil, perhaps of a general nature, perhaps sent from Nakar, Norfin’s greatest foe.”

After this exchange, they looked around the village for more information of strange goings-on. They found little; there was a traveller that came through with a serious foot injury recently, and about a month ago, a Ranger had nearly lost his leg to a Dire Wolf. The gnome helped heal it a bit more, though he certainly received strange looks whenever he appeared from in Shilah’s pack. He was once asked if he was the victim of a spell. Also in their travels the High Priest of Orell revealed that he had seen in a vision a haven for Orell’s chosen to the East and North, past the mountains. Her numbers there were growing daily.

Finally, the gnome decided to look to the stars for advice. Though he could not tell his fortune in the stars, he made out The Hunter, The wolf pack, and The King among the stars, as well as the Red planet, Alignon (or Reikr in Nordic). The Hunter’s bow was pointed South and East, as it would be this time of year, and Alignon rose from the same direction. So they decided to head along the East road, then from Ajolnir, the city to the East, to head south, to Rabenhardt, which bridges the mountain gap that separates Ferris from Ostris.

They made it to Ajolnir, taking down two Dire Wolves with ease on the second day, mere hours before they reached the city. Their newly acquired member, won in a gambling match between he and Hazu, came with them and felled one of the Dire wolves on his own, proving his worth, despite the wariness of the group after he’d been caught cheating.

They were lost in the streets before the gambler, Vashner, pulled aside an above-average woman in appearance, asking her kindly for directions. She was carrying bread and ale, and gave them hasty directions, declining to guide them there as she had to go back to her home. Another woman approached, uglier than the first, though more kind-hearted, and offered to lead them there. The barbarian accepted as Vashner opened his mouth to say no, and when they got to the inn, the barbarian got her a drink on behalf of the party in thanks. He then went off with the dwarf, quickly finding a leather-working shop across the street where they bargained with their two pelts. The leather-worker offered to make a suit of armor for the barbarian out of the pelt, provided the pelts stayed with him, and if they could bring him another such pelt, he’d use whatever was left over from the first and a bit of the second to make a second suit for the dwarf. The first suit would take him a day to make. They said they could not guarantee that they would find other such pelts, but they would do their best.

Vashner, back at the inn, saw a shady man in the corner nursing a bottle and shotglass. He approached the man, trying to get information from him. He learned the man, in leathers and a chain shirt, was a traveller, and had the scars as memories of his adventures. He was very callous, and preferred to be left alone. A drunk Shilah joined them now, with her third pint of ale. She finished it off, and the man looked appalled at her drunkenness. Vashner, however, was holding his liquor well, with the whiskey that the man had, a special brew. He took three shots before the Wilder threw up in her own cup and the stranger immediately left for his room. Vashner had just asked him about anything supernatural he’d seen, but the man wasn’t ready to answer, even if he hadn’t been repulsed by the uncouth female.

Vashner then took to the streets, after telling the barkeep to watch over his companion, giving her a gold piece in exchange. While on the streets, he snuck about until he heard a whisper from an alley. He stopped, eyeing the place between the two buildings as a man in dark browns emerged, brushed against him as a sign and continued onwards. This was after Vash had tried to signal a greeting in sign language, managing to completely fumble over himself, instead calling the man something obscene. The man did not seem phased.

After following the man down a confusing series of streets and alleys, the man slipped between buildings again. The streets were deserted, and Vashner followed. With a quick rustle, Vashner’s eyes were covered, and a hand placed on his back. His hand was on his dagger. “We need you to take care of something for us, stranger.” was whispered to him. “there are some who oppose us. We want you to silence them for us. And if you should succeed, your rewards will be great.” Two gems of little value were slipped into Vashner’s hand, as well as an envelope. With a soft, barely audible padding, the man vanished.

Vashner, unable to read Nordic, brought the rough paper to the gnome, who translated and transcribed it for him into Kendric, keeping a copy of the original for himself, for reference for future spells if need be. With that, the party decided to rest for the night.

The First Quest

The party, consisting of two barbaric humans, a civilized human, a gnome, a dwarf, and an avian, started out in the woods, investigating some body thieves. People had been stealing some dead bodies and general grave-robbing, and the people of the town didn’t know who was responsible, so they were all brought together to put an end to this.

It would take them almost two days to get there.

On the first night, at the third watch, the Dwarf guard, Hazu, heard an eerie howling noise. The howling also woke up two of his companions. They were all chilled to a certain degree by the howl. Their barbarian berserker companion decided to wake everyone up, and soon everyone was on their guard. They heard another howl, followed by a loud crack, as if a tree limb had broken off. After deliberating, one of their companions, a barbaric ranger, decided to investigate the noise. They all followed.

Soon, they were greeted by a truly frightening sight: There were three humans defending a little girl and engaged in combat with a gigantic wolf, half as tall as the tallest trees around it, and certainly an unnatural size. They soon saw the gigantic limb that had been broken off, seemingly by the wolf’s sheer mass. They saw the female engaging the wolf, nailing it between the eyes, and the half-naked male tearing great chunks of fur off with his bare hands. The third human, a well-built (though not as well-built as the inhumanly muscular man engaging the wolf) and well-armored man, soon told them to take the girl and run. They complied, more than happy to leave the monstrous wolf behind, as the human that had just told them thus charged at the wolf, wielding his greatsword in one hand.

As they got back to camp, the girl was trying, and two tried to comfort her. As much as the female member of the group succeeded, the gnome failed miserably, telling her, “It could have been worse. It could have killed your parents.” To which she wailed, “I have no parents!” Her crying soon got annoying, and she revealed her name, Nalara. She cried out for those around her to protect her, that the wolf was after her. When they asked her why it wanted to kill her, she just broke out into more sobs, as she had when they asked her what she was. The gnome talked to her a little while about what she thought of the wolf, what she thought of the three protecting her, and what she thought of her companions, and by reading her words, tones, and gestures closely, he could only conclude that she must be evil. When the bat-like Mountain Avian named Ferrus used Detect Magic on her, he read her aura as an off-black color, a clear sign of evil. As the gnome tried to tell everyone that she would be better named Belladonna than Nalara, she turned to the woman holding her, and commanded, “PROTECT ME.” However, the woman’s will was strong, and her response was only, “Hey, get out of my mind, okay?”

As the party’s sentiments slowly started to turn on her, the girl started to back away. It was at that time that the berserker lunged himself at her, but her quick eyesight and unnatural reflexes avoided the attempt. A spell was cast to make her fall, but her aura seemed to be protected from its effects. In addition, an arrow whizzed over her head, shot by the Ranger. It was at this time that she knew she would not win their favor and so started to hover in the air, the air around her growing chill and her eyes glowing pale blue, as frost. “If you will not protect me, then fear me!” She said, and soon the ranger and berserker fled in fear, the berserker far faster and more scared, being closer to the girl. The rest of the party after a second or two of hesitating fled, as well, deciding this girl was best not messed with. The girl fled into the woods after this, and as far as anyone knows, will not be seen or heard from again.

They caught up with the two stray members, as they ran back after 2-3 minutes of running away. They then decided to keep watch where they were, away from camp where the girl had been. In the morning, they made their way back, stopping by the area where they’d seen the wolf. There were scuffled human footprints that seemed to separate around the wolf, perhaps to meet again in another place, or perhaps to be eaten separately, they weren’t sure. But the wolf prints continued forward. It was strange, as the wolf had to have passed through areas too small for its breadth. But never the mind, it was probably a supernatural being, though the girl had asserted that it was not a god.

When they got back to camp, they found no trace of the girl, though wolf-prints continuing in the same direction. Shaken by this event, they decided to pursue it no further and continue on their initial quest. Late in the afternoon, they came to a town. After investigating, they found it entirely deserted. The Avian flew up to the church at the end, with severed hands on poles, a sign recognised as a symbol of Qan, the god of torture, decay, poison, and patience. Ferrus found at the only window in the building a bell, and wanted to ring it, so he tried to land next to it. Unfortunately, the shingles were neither flat nor provided much to hold on to, so the unfortunate Avian fell, catching himself with one hand on the edge of the roof. He then glided to the ground, landing safely, and told his companions of the bell, but that he neither saw nor heard anything else.

They were debating burning down the evil church, but ultimately decided to investigate first. Upon opening the double doors at the entrance, they found two passageways, guarded by skeletons. The gnome detected magic from both skeletons, and from the greataxe on the skeleton to the right. They fought both skeletons, taking them down. Hazu’s bear took down the one on the left single-handedly. The gnome identified the greataxe as extremely powerful, then used his knowledge of history and legends to remember that its name was Krull, the greataxe of Blood, the weakest of four crafted by a famous magical smith who had mysteriously disappeared after making the last and strongest of the four.

They continued down the left door, investigating the rooms and fighting off undead parts, though not full zombies. When they found a second room with an undead wolf body, the barbarian quickly took it down with one stroke of Krull, the greataxe he’d so eagerly claimed after the skeleton fell.

When they found little of interest besides a book on common poisons used to kill people slowly, they took a path away from the many disturbing rooms, and soon found themselves in the place of worship at this church. There was a skeleton on the altar, but it didn’t seem magical in any way. There were pews, no more really than benches, and three elaborate chairs behind the altar. Uninterested, they continued on, fighting zombies in the next room, though leaving behind everything but the rotting leather armor which the gnome cleaned into normal leather, taking the pieces with him.

After more exploring, and analyzing more wooden statues that seemed to decorate this place eerily, they found a skeleton that though animated, seemed to be coming apart. The dwarf charged at it, but fumbled his axe, falling on top of it and all but castrating himself. He writhed in agony for four seconds before the pain was unbearable and he passed out. He was in a critical state, bleeding to death, but the skeleton had to be taken care of first. Three quick blows and it fell apart, leaving the party to take care of the dwarf.

They set up shifts, since they had to stand there for nine hours. The ranger was the first to sleep, and as soon as he fell asleep, his dreams were disturbing, and soon an attacker made a pass at his mind, trying to enslave him. It took six seconds for the combat to end, and after both beings were tied at 1 willforce each, the attacker ultimately succumbed to the ranger’s superior mind, and it became enslaved to him. He woke up immediately, before the attacker’s friends could get to him, and told everyone else in the party not to fall asleep. He then mentally contacted his slave and asked what it was. It revealed, “I am but a pawn, a piece of the massmind.” It had friends that were mentally linked to it and would have surely attacked the ranger had he not woken immediately. The party was in dread when he told them this, and then he revealed the location of the entity: There was a secret door behind the thrones that they’d not found, due to its hidden nature.

Eleven hours later, none tired due to the gnome’s magic, they went back into the big room and Ferrus quickly found behind the three chairs a section of wall darker than the rest. The ranger asked the entity how to get through, and it revealed the secret words, and to push on the panel and slide it to the side. The party continued crawling forward, the dwarf in agony, and soon found themselves getting warmer and warmer, almost uncomfortably so in their current manner of dress. They were in a room with windows in the ceiling, and four rows of four plants, vine-like, with watermelon-like fruits hanging from their vines. Most had two, but some had only one: and one was larger than the others. The gnome identified these as Changeling Pods, recognising that the larger one would form a copy of their ranger if they didn’t dispose of it immediately. These Changeling Pods posed a great danger to everyone, so the party decided to burn them all.

As the plants were burning, a man in a dark blue robe came running through the church, through the secret passageway, yelling, “What are you doing?!” They had not time to converse with him, as they made for their exit, the berserker striking him with Krull at the neck, invoking its name and special power. It didn’t matter though, as the Greataxe cleaved his head from his shoulders. A party member grabbed the rod that dropped from his hand, and the dwarf helped the gnome pick up the boots, robe, and helm he was wearing, as the gnome had detected that they were magical. From his neck did not burst blood, but instead oozed a green, sap-like substance. If there were more of the Pod Changelings, they surely knew now what had happened to their cultivator and were surely incensed at the loss of so many of their own.

Once outside, the party made sure the building burned to the ground, hearing a cry, and seeing a white drake fly from the ashes, on fire, before falling dead into the forest. The evil successfully disposed of, the party rested for now in one of the deserted houses until they could decide what to do next.

Further Updates

Okay, so I’m getting ready to start running the campaign. Created some new herbs native to cold lands, and am preparing things for my players. Need to come up with more ideas as far as what I should do now. I’m almost ready to run, but I know there’s other gaps I’m missing.

Offline Update

Finished the basic encounter tables, and am still working on quests! Ideas are starting to come more regularly, however, so it should get easier from here, and I should have a basic layout ready for our start date, sometime in the next month or two.

Further Updates

Added a new page with basic religious knowledge. Still working at country creation and still have to organize creatures. I expect to have some of this finished enough to post at the least a map, and at the most a list of royal families (or the equivalent) from three or more different countries.

Update on Completion

I said I’d be giving updates, and here they are!

Pantheon complete, as well as first region of second country. Working on more regions and culture, still have to do history. Not much of an update, but enough.

Re: Have all the noble houses established; now to write down history…

Welcome to the world of Chrellistor!
Chrellistor 101

Here is where I’ll be recording our adventures! Isn’t that exciting?

From the time you start out in the frigid north, to wherever you choose to go, I’ll be keeping this up and running, and I’ll make sure to keep it updated. Also, watch out for world creation updates until then!


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