Nordland Start

On your map, you see a mountain range shaped like an inverted T. The vertical section of this mountain range divides Ostris from Ferris. Ostris is the western country, and means literally that. Ferris is the eastern country, and also means literally that. To the south of Ferris, separated by the east-west section of the river north of the horizontal parts of the mountains. This line continues East, and below it is Sentris, the (again, literally) Southern country.

These three countries make up Nordland, the land of the Nordics, where Nordic is spoken, as well as the dialects of Ostric, Ferric, and Sentric. The four cardinal directions are Nord, Sentra, Ferri, and Ostra, North, South, East, and West, respectively.

As far as dwarves are concerned, most of their settlements are near the river, at the T-intersection of the mountains. Most of their main cities are east of that, while their territory stretches farther west than east, and only a little bit north. The settlements to the north are trade settlements, where Ostrics go to trade with the dwarves when they go underground. They are not allowed to stray from the tunnels leading to these cities, or from the cities themselves, under penalty of death. This penalty is strictly enforced, and many have died because of aimless wandering. The dwarves have made no apologies, but the Ostrics continue trade, largely because of the necessity, but also because they’re a brutal people and think their people deserved the fate that became them for being stupid. The only other area humans are allowed to be under the mountains is along the river in order to travel and trade. However, a dwarven guard must be present per every four humans at all times, and should any humans try to stray too far into the caverns, they will be killed.

The Ostrics, as I said, are a brutal people, crude and barbaric. While resources are on their side, their culture is brutal towards the weak or stupid. Only those who can prove their might deserve to call themselves an Ostric. The Ferrics, on the other hand, are more honor-bound than based on might. While might brings honor, and they greatly respect strength and cunning, loyalty and faithfulness are also praised virtues in Ferris. Their culture is rich, and though they also have a significant barbaric population, the attitudes of the barbarians differ, in a way similar to the difference between that of the civilized of the Ferrics and Ostrics. The Sentrics are an even more stark contrast to the Ostrics than the Ferrics, being a very artisan-based culture. They make beautiful art and trade the more practical of their works with Ferris, particularly the more useful works and those that hold special significance to the Ferric culture.

The mountain dwarves live in tribes and are pretty much omnipresent along the mountain ranges, found in many places all over the place. They sell wool from mountain rams and bears and other such hides, in exchange for herd meat and farmed grain and vegetable matter, as well as some wooden materials, as opposed to their stone tools.

Fishing is a big deal where possible, but it’s just not possible in most places. As such, hunting and some limited farming take over.

You will start off in Rabenhardt, a Ferric tradepost between Ferris and Ostris. If you look at your map, there’s a break in the vertical mountain chain. Just east of this is Rabenhardt. Farenhordt is just east of that, and is the capital city of Ferris.

Nordland Start

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