Quest 1 rewards

The Greataxe of Blood
The First and Weakest of the Four Axes of Farthgrim
+2, Mithreel and magic wood
When an enemy is struck with this greataxe and its name is called out, the enemy will continue bleeding from its wound at 1d6 points per minute in the area until area is unusable.
Can also summon incorporeal bear spirit that may not attack or move physical objects, but can growl and roar as a bear, and will obey wielder of Krull.

The Rod of Spirit-Speak
At will: Allows user to speak to spirits. Language barriers are ignored.

+2 Helm of Vigilance
4x/day: as the spell Enhanced Hearing
4x/day: as the spell Enhanced Sight

Thieves’ Boots
At will: Change color
3x/day: silences footfalls as per the spell silence. All other types of noise are unaffected, such as clanking of armor, etc.

Robe of Cold
1x/day: as the spell Chill
Always active: As the spell Endure Cold

10 plat, 15 gold, 12 copper

Quest 1 rewards

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