Religious History of Chrellistor

Before there were any gods, there was Time. When Time began to think, and acknowledge its surroundings, it became the Goddess, the Ultimate Manipulator, and she called herself Twileinn. The other gods were pulled from Time and came into existence. With the addition of these new gods, the Universe had to be created to accomodate them. Other Universes would soon come into existence as the gods gained power, but at this point there was only one, and it was quickly expanding in complexity and size. Soon, the gods unanimously decided that a certain place in the universe was special, holy. It was the point of origin of the universe, and the gods claimed it for their own.

Twileinn appointed different patrons of the space. First was Chrellistor. He was to create something that hadn’t been seen before, and it was to be called Rock. Chrellistor was wise, and created in this holy location a malleable yet sturdy Rock that felt good and could withstand the wrath of the gods should it ever be turned on the creation that he named after himself. He created on this mass of Rock several different types of Rock, all of which he’d found throughout the universe during his millenia of creation of Rock throughout. When he created Chrellistor, he created it unevenly, revealing different levels of his creation that contained different kinds of Rock. Twileinn was pleased at Chrellistor’s efforts.

Chrellistor then pleaded with Twileinn to create something to further glorify this sacred creation. She consented and asked Alunis, another powerful deity, to create something he saw as holy and right. Alunis eagerly accepted, and, quite different from Chrellistor, made a single object that instead of merely existing would emit copious amounts of energy. He saw his creation as better than Chrellistor’s, and would ever after treat the other God as inferior.

Chrellistor disdained Alunis’s vanity and pleaded that the holy place should be even more sacred, that more gods should patron and protect the area. Twileinn considered his request long, and finally decided that he was not being selfish, that his request was valid, and so told Dareinnas, Ëa, Borella and Orell to honor the area in their own way. Each chose their own creation: Dareinnas, water; Ëa, air; and the twin sisters each created a moon, a Rock much like Chrellistor had created himself. Twileinn saw all these creations as glorifying the place of her birth, and the place from which she pulled the gods out of Time. As such, she encouraged more gods to contribute in their own way to the world. Hel and Enigma played major roles, but the other gods were also involved.

After all nine gods had established their contributions to the planet, Twileinn gave the plants and animals life, allowing them to change over time, and in doing so, established movement. What followed several years after this was a tragedy that has not since been matched in significance. One day, Alunis lured Borella towards him, claiming he needed her assistance. Orell was busy partway around the world, and could not see what was happening until it was too late. She only saw the glint that often was to be found in her brother’s eye, that sinister glint that made her wholly uneasy. When she saw her twin approaching him, she realised her brother’s intent, and screamed out to her to flee, but by the time her sister could hear her cries, it was too late; Alunis had grabbed her, and refused to let her go until he was finished. Borella’s abomination child was later killed for the betterment of humanity, her pieces spread throughout the universe. Borella wept, then, her tears touching some of the fragments and causing them to glow faintly, illuminating the earth, though refusing to share the sky with their father. After she was done mourning her child, she turned a faint green, having spent so much of her energy in the birth and death of her child.

Thus recounts the history of the gods and creation of Chrellistor.
Heere Yorlan, High Priest of Twileinn.

An update for those curious; you may or may not stumble across [[Vision of the Gods: Grim News | this information]] in-character.

Religious History of Chrellistor

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