Vision of the Gods: Grim News

And I looked into the pool, and I saw a conglomeration of the gods such as there had not been in many lifetimes. Strangely, at the head of all this were two figures; one was obviously my most beloved and eternal Twileinn; the other may have been Gible; I am not certain. The gods were shouting at one another, and most of all, at The Eternal. I recognised many there: Arl and Forl, Mara, Dordrame, Alira, Hel, Marell, Enigma, Bor, Zorthran, Link, Lilan, Talim, and many others. Obviously, the ever-present gods were not there: Chrellistor, Dareinnas, Alunis, Ëa, Borella, Orell. Though, I could see a messenger of Ëa there; perhaps they had sent servants to transmit the meeting to their consciousnesses. There were other gods there, but I could not discern their exact identities, for it is difficult, predicting what form the gods will take in visions.

The Eternal Twileinn seemed to call attention to herself, and then she spoke, her voice level, resonating through time. The gods had been threatening to kill Gible. She said, “This one,” and referenced the figure at her side, “Yet serves a purpose. Do as you wish with her when her time is over.” The figure, obviously Gible, appeared appalled at my patron Goddess’s decision, but did not protest, for her life would be prolonged a while longer than if Twileinn had not intervened. The room raised into chaos again. This time, many were threatening to take over regions themselves, if Gible was so bold. Twileinn called attention to herself again. “If you take this path, only conflict will arise.” Several figures vanished. Others were stayed by the elder of the gods. Someone spake, and I know not who, but the indescribable voice resonated, “How severe will this conflict be?” Twileinn responded, “It will change the way each of you sees one another, including myself.”

There was silence for a moment, barely enough time for me to process the words, before she spake again. “Remember: Only what is meant to happen will happen; I have ensured this.” Another pause, barely enough time for human comprehension, before the Eternal voice resonated again. “Also remember: compared to us, no mortal is patient, intelligent, wise, or strong. They do not know the nature of these things. We must be wise in how we use our strength, and because we are intelligent, we must be patient.” And then the vision ended. I am afraid dark times indeed are pressing us soon. I must have been given this vision for a reason; Twileinn does not lightly dole out boons such as these. I must inform my clergy to be ever patient and tolerant, for I do not know what sort of divine threats may come upon us in the near future.

—Heere Yorlan, High Priest of Twileinn

Vision of the Gods: Grim News

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